Summary of the most recent changes to the Karatek Network

17. Feb 2021 | KaratekHD | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Summary of the most recent changes to the Karatek Network

It’s finally time for a small update on the Karatek Network, so I summorized the most important things that changed in the past month.

Nemesis is now OpenGM - Well, kind of

In order to make our Telegram bot more accesible for other users and easier to self host, I decieded to build RPM packages for an easy and convinient installation process. Problem was, the name “Nemesis” was already taken inside openSUSE Open Build Service, so I was required to change the name. After thinking about it a lot, I decieded that “OpenGM” would be a nice name that represents what we are: “Open” in multiple ways - First of all, our code is open. We do not rely on any proprietary non-free code for the bot, and that’s how it’s gonna stay. Plus, we are an open commuinty. Everyone who wants to can use the Bot, and we try our best to help new users getting their things done. “GM” stands for “Group Manager” - So I think OpenGM is a perfect representation of the project. However, the instance hosted by me (@karatekbot) is keeping its name (for now).

OpenGM is now avaliable for openSUSE

As mentioned before, you can now install OpenGM as a regular package on openSUSE - just follow these instructions. Specfiles and building status is avaliable at Open Build Service.

Our hosted instance changed servers!

In an effort to make Nemesis faster, we moved our hosted instance from a Raspberry Pi 3 to a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB. This should increase performance by a lot. As these servers cost money, I would really appriciate if you donated a small amount - so if you’re interessted, please contact me. Thanks a lot!

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